Helium Canisters

Helium Gas Canisters, HI-Float Balloons treatment & Helium Balloon packs, great for all party occasions. Check out our useful tips and inflation instructions right here on the site or see our FAQ for any questions you may have. All our helium can

Inflate your balloons days before an event!

Ultra Hi-Float is a water-soluble plastic, it dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating that helps hold in helium. This kit contains enough HI-FLOAT to treat 100 11" balloons, includes pump dispenser and detailed instruction sheet.

Why use Ultra Hi-Float?

  • Latex Balloons float up to 25 times longer.
  • The same proven product used by professionals.
  • Easy to use - view our instructions link below for simple directions for use.
  • Convenient - inflate your balloons days before the party.
  • Completely safe - non-flammable, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive and biodegradable.

Incredible floatation time!

  • Floating time without treatment (approx 5-7 Hours)
  • Without Ultra Hi-Float

  • Floating time when treated with Ultra Hi-Float (Approx 7+ days!)
  • With Ultra Hi-Float

*Please note, inflation times can vary depending on the quality of balloon, we recommend using a high quality latex balloon from any of our ranges for a great experience. Remember to follow instructions closely! Valved balloons must not be used with the HI-FLOAT, unless the valves are removed and the balloons are knotted.

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