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Christmas Party Game Ideas

Have some festive fun with our fantastic selection of Christmas party games! Whether you’re looking for fun games to play at a Christmas party or ways to entertain the family on Christmas night, take a look and let the fun begin!

Best Christmas Party Games for Kids

Pass the (Christmas) Parcel
Put a festive spin on the kids’ classic Pass the Parcel by using it as a fun way to distribute your Christmas presents!

Ask everyone to bring a present to the party and one by one pass them around the circle to music. When the music stops, whoever’s holding the parcel gets to keep it! Play until everyone has a gift.

The Tray Game
Place a range of Christmas objects on a tray (candy canes, mince pies, baubles, etc) and cover them with a tea towel. Uncover the tray and give the children one minute to memorise everything on it.

Cover the tray back up and individually or in teams, the children must write a list of all the objects they can remember. Alternatively, take one or two objects away and ask them to tell you what’s missing. Make this harder for older children by putting more objects on the tray and giving them less memorising time.

Penguin Waddle Game
This is essentially a relay race – split the group into two teams and lay out two sets of cones about 15 to 20 feet apart. Give each team a balloon and one by one the children must waddle like a penguin to the furthest cone and back with the balloon between their knees.

When each team member returns, they must pass the balloon to the next player but only using their knees. The first team to complete the relay wins and if you drop the balloon, you have to start again!

Christmas piñata
Piñatas are a great children’s party game so don’t forget about them at Christmas! Choose from a wide selection of festive piñatas including Santa Claus, snowmen and reindeer, fill it with treats and let each child have a go at hitting it.

As soon as it breaks, make a dash for the sweets and make the game harder for older children by playing it blindfolded.

Best Christmas Party Games for Families

Christmas carol charades
Put a festive twist on the classic party game charades by getting the whole family to act out their favourite Christmas carol. No singing is allowed – act it out and whoever guesses right, goes next!

Name that carol
Take it in turns to hum a Christmas carol and let the rest of the family guess what you’re humming. It’s only easy if you can sing in tune!

Snowball throwing contest
If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, how about getting everyone outside for a snowball throwing contest? Everyone throws from the same point and whoever lobs their snowball the furthest wins!

20 Questions – Christmas Edition
This puts another festive twist on a classic party game – take it in turns to think of something Christmassy and the rest of the group is allowed to ask up to 20 questions to try and guess what it is. Whoever guess right goes next!

Would I Lie to You?
Tell the group three facts about yourself – two false and one true – and the rest of the group must guess which one isn’t a bit fat porkie pie!

Best Office Christmas Party Games

Say goodbye to forced fun with this hilarious collection of games for your work Christmas party.

Santa hat game
Give everyone a Santa hat and then nominate one person - no-one is allowed to take their hat off until this person does and the aim of the game is to NOT be the last person wearing a hat.

Once everyone is wearing a Santa hat, let the party continue as normal. Eventually people will get busy chatting or forget about the game, which gives the nominated person the perfect opportunity to take off their hat. Then the funny part starts as some people take off their hats and others are still oblivious.

Photo booth
Who doesn’t love a funny photo booth? Perfect for producing funny photos to look at the day after the night before, download our free Christmas photo props here.

Christmas gift exchange
Put a fun twist on your usual office secret Santa with a Christmas gift exchange. Put all the presents in the middle and take it in turns to pick a gift. When it’s your turn to pick a gift, you can either keep it or swap it for someone else’s gift (and they have to pick another one). Start playing and let the hilarity ensue!

Stocking guessing game
This one’s an easy one – put a random item in a Christmas stocking and take it in turns to guess what it is. The funnier, the better!